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#7 Tips for SMEs to ENGAGE and GAIN more followers on SOCIAL MEDIA

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

#7 Tips for SMEs to ENGAGE and GAIN more followers on SOCIAL MEDIA

The power of social media platforms has increased many folds in recent years. They have the potential to take you or your business to newer heights, especially if you are a small or medium business owner. It can be commonly seen that the business owners usually don’t pay heed to social media platforms but this can be a mistake, this can be an opportunity you might be missing. So, now, if you are planning to take your business to these platforms, you might be thinking of taking advantage of an opportunity you might have missed due to your absence. If you need help with setting up of your accounts, check out some of our other blog posts that give detailed, simple step-wise instructions on setting up your Facebook Profile and Instagram Profile or Facebook Shop and Instagram Shop. Once you have everything in place, you are all set to engage with your audience. Your engagement with the audience is the key factor for the growth of your business. Here are a few tips from the leading digital marketing agency that can help your business grow by gaining more followers and engaging with them.

1. Make a Content Strategy and Content Plan

It is rather easy to start your accounts than grow and run them. It is always better to plan before you make a move. The right set of moves makes the right social media strategy for your business. Take enough time to lay out a plan and work according to that. Set a goal about where you want to see your business in the future. The goal can be increasing likes, getting more engagement, or increasing your conversion rate. Whatever it is, have a strategic plan and then work on achieving it.

2. Know your audience better and expand your reach

Planning a strategy is easier when you know who your target audience is. Demographics, age groups, occupations, etc. are some of the factors that can influence your strategy. After you get a clear picture of your potential audience, you can modify your plan and customize content accordingly. This way you can maximize your reach to a wider group of people.

3. Build and value relationships

Building stronger relationships and valuing them can be a catalyst for your growth. Relationships are valued over anything else even today. This is a great way to actually retain an audience or customers for a long time period. Engage with them, answer their queries, use stories for an effective conversation, connect with them as much as you can. You can also build relationships with influencers and trusted people to reach more people.

4. Follow the ongoing trends

Following trends are the easiest way to reach your audience. Keep up with the trends going on in the market, keep a close watch on how your competitors are doing with the trend. This is the key to being in the top feeds of social media accounts. Even if you miss out on posting for some time, following recent trends will help you jump back to the top place.

5. Focus quality over quantity

You can create content to keep your audience engaged, but if you are valuing quantity over quantity then all your efforts may get wasted. Stop, if you are doing this. Remember you are here to provide some value to your audience. Even if you are posting a single piece of content in a day, make sure that it is value-providing or something that may help your audience. This is also an excellent brand-building strategy.

6. Take advantage of automation tools

The fast-paced life of the current world has given birth to hundreds of automation tools that can boost your productivity and save your time. There are engagement management tools, insight and analytics tools, graphics and content creation tools, scheduling and automation tools that can make social media tasks easier for you. These will lessen your daily struggles of creating engaging and value-providing content. Find out more about such tools here.

7. Track your performance and refine it

After you implement your social media strategy, the next big thing is to understand the insights of your performance. The analytic tools can help you get a more clear picture of where you should focus on and what ideas you should drop. Understand these insights and refine the social media strategy for your business and grow at a faster pace.

Managing social media platforms along with running a business is not an easy task. You can use automation tools to a limit but still lag behind others since you have multiple tasks to focus on. Hiring a digital marketing company or professionals to manage your accounts on various platforms could get you some help. You can focus on your business while the professional can work on growing your social accounts. This way you will have an edge over others. is a leading digital marketing agency specializing in Google Ads and FB Ads and policy.

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