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PPC Search Ads

Instant High Returns on Ad Spend

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Display and Video Ads

Great for branding and CLTV

The Socializers is a social media agency founded by ex-Googlers. We provide full-range social media marketing and advertising to B2B and B2C companies.


Operating in the social media market space since 2010, we have an excellent record of providing effective solutions in retail, insurance, sales training, coaching, education, healthcare, and real-estate sectors among others. Our retail customers include t-shirt sellers, beverages suppliers, jewelry shop owners, house organizing services, home healthcare services, and electronics among others. 

Our vision is to become the thought leaders in the social media market and to inspire excellence in customer service. 


Our mission is to connect our clients with their audiences through two-way intimate communication and engagement.  


Our Team

Our Team consists of ex-Googlers and other nerds, from around the world who are passionate about social media and bring a blend of creativity and technical background that works for delivering on your KPIs


We offer results powered by our thorough research of your market and buyers' needs.


We have social media analytics experts, engagement experts and overall social media content strategists that provide their distinct skills to ensure that you succeed in your business goals.  Our team also consists of content developers and website developers and optimisers 


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