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Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Why Ads are not Just Selling Tools, and Why you Must invest in Branding

Large companies like Procter & Gamble and Unilever slashed their digital advertising budgets by nearly 30% and yet improved their sales by 3.8% and 7.5% respectively. All they did was to shift their focus from conversion goal to reach goal - so that they could show their content to the new markets. But then, these are big daddies of branding. They don't need to fight tooth and nail for the loyal customers.

Transitioning from PURCHASE/SALE goal to REACH goal appears to be counter-intuitive; especially for small businesses. But it works if you understand consumer behaviour. Most marketers fail to take into account that advertisements are not just selling tools - ads are required to provide a LIFT (encourage action where no pre-intention existed). Instead, social media ads are used in a manner that they keep showing to the people who already are inclined to make the purchase. Your Ad is just expected to win the bidding battle from the immediate competitor.

While it makes sense to SELL immediately, it makes even more sense to REACH out and DEVELOP your market for long term business sustainability. Using sales tactics to get SALEs is easy, until the next Competitors brings in a bigger sales discount or infuses cash in the marketing campaign. Until you can't compete with the likes of Big Brands with deep pockets for paid marketing.

What works best for small businesses is to slowly and steadily establish credibility, build their brand with quality content and showcase their vision's alignment with subjects that people are beginning to care about - sustainability, environmental protection, responsible citizenship, human community. This can be done by using your marketing budget judiciously, investing in brand building, credibility, and striking a balance with sales objectives.

Just as in life, so in business, live for the day but think long term.

CREATIVE ad IDEAS that Light Up YOUR BRAND and Bring in SALES

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