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How to set up a Facebook shop and start selling now

Why small business owners must have a Facebook Shop?

Owning social media pages for your brand is a powerful way to promote and grow your business. Initially, Facebook started as a platform for people to connect over the internet, but it is now a many-folds bigger community. The recent trends of online shops have made Facebook a hub for business owners. The community over the platform can be a focused target for you, you can reach the maximum number of people through these communities. They are a vital part if you want to grow your business. Even if you own a website for your brand, then Facebook can effectively direct the traffic to your website. You get to know your audience better and use your strategies in a better way.

Steps for Setting Up Your Facebook Shop

Even if you are not a digital marketing agency, you can follow the simple steps of setting up a shop on the social media platform.

Step 1: Find and click on the “Add shop link” on the platform. This will show you a pop-up explaining how you can utilise this section. To continue, click on the Add shop button.

Step 2: The next pop-up will ask you to agree to the merchant terms and policies, make sure to read them before you agree. They include information about product selling, returns and refunds and other crucial details.

Step 3: After you agree to the terms and policies, you will be asked to enter the details of your business and set up a payment processing method along with stripe. If you have an already existing stripe account, then you have to link that account to your shop and if you don’t have a stripe account, then to proceed with linking you have to first set up the stripe account.

After you complete this setup, a “Shop Now” button will be displayed on your profile, through which one can have a sneak peek at your shop.

Step 4: The next step is to describe what you are selling at your shop in 200 characters or less.

Step 5: Now that you are all set to add products to your shop, click on the “Add product button” and start configuring the details of each product on the shop along with an image. Make sure to follow all the guidelines of adding products laid down by Facebook.

After you finish adding the products, they will get under review to see if they meet the merchant terms and policies and product listing guidelines. Once the products are approved, you can find them in your shop. If you wish to add more products, you can find the “Add product” button on your shop.

You can also create collections if your shop has various category products.

Step 6: If you need to update the settings, then click on the shop link on your page and then move on to settings.

Step 7: Once you start receiving orders, you can manage them in the publishing tool given under the shop section. Confirm the pending orders, mark them as shipped and provide a tracking number if applicable. After this, the payment from the customer will be processed and your inventory will get updated as the order moves to pending. Setting up your own shop may require some time and effort, and knowledge about Facebook's product selling policies. If you want to get help from experts, do connect with us for complete turnkey Facebook shop set up.

NEW Business Features being launched by the Facebook shop to support businesses

As the trend of social media businesses is on the rise, social media platforms are also supporting such businesses in every possible way. These giants are coming up with some or the other features that can prove to be vital for your business. Facebook too has rolled out features like comment moderation for creators that lets you connect on live chat or videos; in-feed controls, both for users and brands that enables you to set preferences and optimize what updates you would like to see more and what you would like to see less. This feature is still in the testing phase, if everything goes well, it will be out soon. Facebook now has expanded the eligibility so that the cryptocurrency brands can run ads on the platform. is a leading digital marketing agency specialising in Google Ads and FB Ads and policy.

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