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How to get more likes on Instagram posts

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

How to get more likes on Instagram posts

Despite the fact that social media platforms have transformed due to recent updates, likes on every platform are still considered as a parameter of engagement. The same fact applies to the social networking site Instagram, the like count on any feed on the platform is a general representation of the engagement that the post has got. Everyone strives to get more likes on Instagram, they wait to let the notifications show up after posting or sharing a post or feed. But, many times, we keep posting excellent content, after spending hours on creating our post, and yet, we get just a few likes. As opposed to posts that seem to get 100s of likes!

So, let's get down to the bottom of this enigma. Here we are with some tips collected from the best practices by some of the top digital marketing companies that can help you gain considerable growth on Instagram.

  1. Go for high-quality images and BE CREATIVE

Images hold the potential to capture your attention, so it is always advisable to use high-quality images. Avoid pictures that are blurry and grainy because no one likes to see such images. Along with the image quality, focus on being creative with graphics and infographics. Put efforts into creating your posts but remember that you do not over-edit them.

2. Complete your post with an engaging caption

Pair your images with an engaging and humor-packed caption. Although no caption is perfect, you can make it interesting and value-adding for your audience. Provoke emotions and inspire through your words to get more engagement from the audience. Be relatable enough with your caption that the audience finds it easier to get into your shoes.

3. Know your audience and engage with them

You might have heard this a lot, but do you know your audience? Knowing your audience well is something that can help you create your posts better and ultimately get more likes and follows. It is easier to customize posts when you know your audience better. Engage with them as much as you can either through comments or DMs, show them some genuine interest, this way you are more likely to get more likes, comments and follows. Digital marketing agencies suggest you make use of social listening tools to capture customers' sentiments and respond to comments

4. Geotag your location, it can make a difference

Adding a location to your post is something that can make a difference. This will give you a better reach and more likes based on demographic location. Also, it is earlier for people to search you as you will be visible when the location or a related hashtag is searched. The location can be your current one or where the picture was shot or any other, but most importantly it should target the right audience base. So next when you are sharing a post, remember to add the right location.

5. Use hashtags correctly

Hashtags play a key role in the Instagram algorithm, they are not only important to increase likes but are also a vital part of your Instagram strategy. The right use of keywords will help you target the right set of audiences and not just a random one. Adding a minimum of 30 hashtags in your posts is always recommended, also it is advisable to avoid too popular hashtags like hashtags that already have a million or more posts because using them can bury your post in just a few minutes.

6. Be consistent in sharing posts and stories

Consistency is the key! Yes, be regular on sharing posts or stories to get engagement because if one does not see you in their feeds how will they engage? Remember to be consistent to gain likes and to get along nicely with the Instagram algorithm. Share at least one post a day and see the insights getting better.

7. Utilize paid promotions

Started improving on likes? But do you still want a better engagement? Then do not hesitate to use paid promotions. Although these costs you money, however, will add later to your profits. All you have to do for paid promotions is to hit the promote button on your profile and follow the next steps.

8. Ask for a call-to-action

What if the audience is seeing your post but is not reacting to it? Be bold enough to ask for a call-to-action because the audience is not able to read your mind only through a post. Include a byline with your caption about what actually do you want your audience to do. If you want a like or follow, get clear on it. If you want your audience to tag their friends then get straight on to it rather than just sharing the post. This will help you increase your audience base. is a leading digital marketing agency specialising in Google Ads and FB Ads and policy.

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