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The Coming of Age of Social Media - Changing Trends in Content

The world has become a constantly changing one in terms of trends. Each day world witnesses a new trend, the same is with the trends in content. A few months back the trend was more focused on written content, however, today the focus is on video content. It becomes tough to work when trends morph faster than the power ranger. Also, it is tougher to think of the upcoming trends and when will they take over. To make it easier for you to understand trends in the market, here are a few of them that you can ace in 2022.

  1. TikTok as a marketing platform

It’s no wonder that video content platforms are the hottest trend of the current times. Whether they are short-form video content or longer ones, businesses are investing hundreds of dollars in them. With video platforms like TikTok, video-focused content is now in focus. Overtaking Instagram, TikTok has become the 7th most popular platform. It has surpassed every platform with its tremendous growth of 45% in less than a year. Marketing over TikTok is becoming increasingly popular.

2. Smaller platform users more receptive to advertisements

Research reports have shown that small social platforms are more effective when it comes to advertisements. It was found that TikTok ads were more enjoyable and inspiring while Snapchat ads were more informative and led to greater purchase intent and Pinterest showed a cheaper conversion rate.

3. Social media platforms as a space to discover new brands

Getting started with your brands on social media platforms is another new trend that is taking a dig at traditional methods of shopping. Users are discovering more and more new brands on these platforms without having to worry about going out. These are a great way to customize your brand according to the preferred set of audiences.

4. Allowing consumers to purchase directly from social media

Social media shops add more to the latest trends. Letting your users shop directly from these platforms not only reduces a step in the shopping funnel and makes it easier for them to shop but also increases the conversion rate as they will easily be able to place their orders in just a few clicks and this will ultimately increase your profit.

5. Connecting over social media platforms through messages rather than calls

Conventional calls are no longer the only way to connect in this `digital world. Messages are being preferred over them. Social media texts have become the new normal, they can be exchanged conveniently without hassle between businesses or brands and potential consumers. Although many brands are not already providing this service, however, reports show that the trend is on the rise.

6. Preference for short videos over longer ones

As per a report by Vidyard, around 60% of the videos on all the social platforms are lesser than 2 minutes. At the time when IGTV and Facebook Watch launched, it was thought that the longer form videos are a future trend, however, short videos took over them very soon. With the launch of platforms like TikTok, the trend took a completely different turn and now what we know about longer-form content is history.

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