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How to Build your Readers' Base from Scratch

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

Growing your reader audience is not an overnight thing, also there is no shortcut to it. The consistent efforts pay off in terms of organic growth in the number of audiences. It takes a lot of digging into your potential audience base and getting to know them better, their interests, their demographics, their age groups, and many more related pieces of information. When you are trying to build your audience from scratch, then there are certain things you need to keep in mind. Here are certain guiding steps that can help you in increasing your readership.

Search for your ideal readers’ group

The first question that should come to your mind while producing content is “Who is this for?” because if you do not have an idea of your potential readers or your target audience then you might be hunting down the thin air. But when you have a defined set or group of an audience then you can put your efforts in the right direction. Producing content becomes easier when you know where to focus on. Once you know your ideal readers’ group, your writing style, tone, voice, and expertise get defined. So to know your ideal audience better look for the pieces of information like location, age group, profession, etc.

Be an avid reader yourself and engage with other creators

To be a writer, you should be a reader first. Read the works of other writers who produce content on topics that you are interested in. There are many platforms where you can engage with writers and content producers. Build healthy relationships with the community, communicate with other readers through comments, praise the stories that you liked the most, leave a note of appreciation for the author, celebrate their achievements, and be an active member of the relevant community. This is not only a way to grow but also a way to learn new things.

Share your stories in a way that provide unique value to the audience

Although you can hire a professional digital marketing agency if you are doing it on your own, here is what you need to keep in mind while building an audience. There are literally hundreds of platforms where you can exist in different visual and graphical forms, utilize these platforms to promote your work. Champion your work and stories and provide unique value to your readers. Find relevant writing communities on different platforms and do self-promotions, share the works that you are most proud of and give exposure to your portfolio. Be creative in leveraging the power of social media platforms and attracting more eyes to your works.

Work on your headlines, make them catchy

Headlines are the cover of your story and the first thing a reader witnesses while reading something. A catchy, assertive, and focused headline is what draws the attention of the readers and compels them to read the full story. While working on the headline, imagine that it has to convey the complete story in just a few words. While framing keep it concise, focused, and direct on one hand and interesting on the second. Pause, give it a thought, and then put it into words.

Be consistent even if there is no one to read your content

Building a reader audience is a time taking process and needs effort. When you put your foot forward in the field there may be no one to read your work. While no one is reading, utilize your time to build your portfolio. Remember that the start is always alone and everyone has to start from scratch but all you need is to be consistent in your efforts.

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