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How to become a verified merchant on Pinterest?

How to become a verified merchant on Pinterest?

Have you heard about the verified merchant program run by Pinterest? Do you know there are 442 million Pinners? Well, some of you might be completely aware of the program run by Pinterest, but some may not be knowing about it. No worries, I’m here to introduce you to the program and to guide you to become a verified merchant on the platform. Get ready to move on a to a new professional level of acquiring digital marketing toolkit. Read on to know more.

What is the Pinterest verified merchant program?

The verified merchant program run by Pinterest enables people who want to shop to discover the vetted brands and buy products from them. This makes your brand stand out among similar category brands. Vetted brands or entities are the ones that are completely investigated by the platform before proceeding with a partnership that is mutually beneficial. The free-of-cost Pinterest verified merchant program comes with various advantages. Pinterest gives you a blue badge showing that you are a verified merchant that is enough to get attention from the shoppers. You get a shop tab enabled on your profile and you can connect your product catalog on the platform and also you get access to insights tool to measure your performance. The program till now is available to some selective countries of the world. Verified Merchant Program helps you to appear organically on the search and grow your brand.

How you can become a verified merchant on Pinterest?

There are certain guidelines laid down by Pinterest that you need to fulfill to become a verified merchant. Here is what need to do:

  1. Meeting merchant guidelines

Merchant guidelines of the platform are the first thing that you need to follow. After uploading the product catalog, the Pinterest team will review your products and your website and if you follow all the guidelines then you can move on to the next requirement, but if you do not follow the guidelines, then you will be notified through the application page of the verified merchant program. This means that your catalog is still not there on Pinterest and you can not move on with promotions. You need to follow all the guidelines before you proceed further.

2. Connecting product catalog

Connecting product catalog enables you to get all your products on your Pinterest shop. Then you need to have the updated price and other details of the products. You should have at least 50% of products that qualify for the verified merchant program. If you do have non-eligible products, then you can view and fix them from the Ad manager Catalog section. To make it convenient for you, Pinterest enables you to add product catalogs using Catalog managers, namely, Square, Lengow, Feedonomics, Productsup, Channel Advisor, etc.

3. Installing Pinterest tag

Pinterest tag is what you need next to measure how pinterest is impacting your business. If your tag is not installed properly then you can check the health of the tag through Tag Health given under the Ads Manager, this shows the errors and how you can fix them. After you fix the errors, you can re-check the Tag Health only after seven days from the previous check.

Pinterest Tags helps you measure your conversion rate and track other related statistics. So make sure that your tag returns statistics whenever there is a page visit, product added to cart or checkout and this should happen at least once in seven days. You should also make sure that the product ID in tags is the same as that of the product catalog.

You can also manage these tags using Google Tag Manager, Shopify, Woocommerce, Weebly, Ecwig, BigCommerce, Tealium, SquareSpace, etc.

Reasons that can lead to your suspension from the VMP program

You might have followed all that is mentioned above but got suspended? Yes, this can happen mainly because of two reasons, either you have some problem with the uploaded products catalog or you have malfunctioning tags. Once you are alerted through email or business hub about the suspension, then you can solve the issues with the catalog or tags within 30 days. If you solve the problem within the stipulated time then you will be automatically enrolled in the program but you do not solve it in 30 days then you will be completely suspended from the program. is a leading digital marketing agency specialising in Google Ads and FB Ads and policy.

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