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From Ink to Algorithms: Are Creators, Writers & Designers Facing Extinction with ChatGPT?

will chatgpt make the writers and creators job redundant
AI Taking Over

A client recently told me that I should fire my content writers as there is no longer any need for them to do his blogs. AI can do it in 5 secs.

AI has ushered in a wave of excitement and panic and is disrupting the copywriting industry. It is true that ChatGPT is already creating blogs and articles that are better and exponentially faster than human writers.

Now we don't need people to go over Google, find a bunch of articles, read and regurgitate them, and put them back in some rephrased form.

Because, honestly, that is what most writers have been doing. The explosion of content that we have seen in the last 2 years is a direct result of this re-phrasing, re-writing boom powered by the race to rank high on Google.

Now ChatGPT is able to do that at lightning speed - read/regurgitate/rephrase the content and give me in seconds.

What ChatGPT is not able to do, as of yet, is give me any original ideas.

And here lies the catch.

Writers who step back, think, analyze their thoughts and then give original content - will survive. Writers who work like ChatGPT (read other content/assimilate/integrate/rephrase) won't.

On a positive note, I see ChatGpt as clearing out the field and letting the real creative, original writers reclaim their space which had become overcrowded.

But, this may be just the breathing space for now, as we have no idea what ChatGPT will learn in the next two years. I think we are moving in interesting times, to say the least. What we can do is stay abreast of AI developments and try and integrate AI applications into our workflows to enhance our productivity and efficiency.

For example, we have already successfully automated our content strategy and our sales funnel using AI-powered tools; we can now generate our and our clients' regular content calendars within a day, rather than spend months on to-and-fro with artists and designers. Now we are looking to hire people who can generate the content using AI tools and add (human) value.

So, for writers, creators, and designers - it is the time to learn how they can exploit AI and re-position and re-align their skills to stay relevant. For social media marketing agencies, it is time to transform how they create value for their clients. As I see ahead, social media agencies will need to bring in upper-level services like strategizing and branding and acquire super-analytical capabilities to provide results, rather than just supply content to their clients. They need to use AI as a potent partner with the capacity to bring them tangential, exponential, and unparalleled opportunities.

*The blog is written by me, the human :)

*The pic is AI generated

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