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Social media marketing OR social media hacking - What are you in it for?

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

I am seeing an explosion of social media marketing gurus on Indian social media.

More often than not, there is a complete regurgitation of content that is already available or has been published at least a year back by some data company.

There seems to be almost no independent contribution or analysis or unique content.

There is an enormous number of people who are projecting themselves as social media marketers revealing secrets, simply because social media marketing appears to be more of a teachable, than a doable thing.

Everywhere you look, there is someone telling you tips, insights, hacks to improve your followers, likes, subscribers.

There is a mushrooming industry full of tools that you can buy and just use to get subscribers, views and followers.

There are even sites that are asking for money to sell you subscribers and likes.

Social media marketing has been turned into more of a social media hacking industry.

Good to bloat numbers if you get the correct hack, but not so good for the client who needs real subscribers and sales.

In all the cacophony, what is lost is the ethos of marketing. On social, or off it, marketing's core principles remain the same:

-You have to have a good product to sell.

-You have to have it priced appropriately.

-You have to be reliable in your delivery and after sales.

-You have to have consistent quality.

It is true, social media does require a specific set of strategies and approaches, but, even those are grounded in the good old principles of marketing and promotions:

-You promote on platforms that your clients are likely to be

-You promote at the times when they are most ready to buy.

Social Media Technology gives you the tools to chalk out your buyer persona and follow their buying funnel. Then you target them with the most creative messages that hit a home run for you.

Social Media provides an excellent amalgamation of tech and creativity; and yet, it appears to be used mostly as a rattle, a noise-maker. All in the name of the idea that "noise gets attention."

Not, my dear, when everyone is making noise.

*The Author is an ex-Google employee and co-founder of The-Socializers

*pic credit - Tim Marshal/Unsplash

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